Roads, Romance, and Risky Business.

Have you ever been on a trip and met someone that you just clicked with? You both just seem to think the same, act the same, like the same things, just two peas in the same pod. You've fallen into the same ensnare as so many of us (myself included)! Love on the road is a tricky business, and often times ends sadly, but fear not! There are many ways to get through it!


Paris, London, Manchester, Thailand, Denmark, Barcelona, Italy, all countries where I've fallen for that lucky someone who would no doubt depart from my life on their flights to their next destination or back home. So how do you get over this sensation? Well, coming from someone who has had it happen a lot, I can give a few tips:

1. Keep in touch

If at all possible, try to keep contact with the person, it'll save a lot of trouble down the road of trying to find them online.

Example: I met a beautiful young Danish girl in Ko Chang, Thailand. Her name was Christine, and she (just like me) was backpacking around the country, soaking up as much of the culture as she could. We met in a beach hostel, went for drinks, had dinner in the sandy dunes, and finally after five days, went our separate ways... the only problem was I forgot to get her contact info. A Facebook, or Twitter, or even just an email address. I had made a crucial mistake, which turned it from budding romance to lost love rather quickly.

Flowers from a Thai Butterfly Garden, where I first met Christine.

Flowers from a Thai Butterfly Garden, where I first met Christine.

2. Travel together!

Why not right? If you're both leaving in a few days, and you're going the same direction, or to the same general area, why not just travel together?

Example: Traveling in London I met a fellow nomad staying in a hostel in the city center. We chatted, went for drinks, went to a few clubs, and after just a few days it was all over... Or so I thought, turns out we were on the same train back north, and were able to spend two more hours together before departing!

3. Know before you go!

Listen, you're going to this amazing place, possibly by yourself (in my case it's almost exclusively by myself), you know you're going to want to meet and spend time with other people, and knowing that you may fall for someone before you actually do can help a great deal. It makes you all the more invested in the time you have together, which in turn makes for better memories, and a softened (though not completely eliminated) break.

(And just an FYI I don't have an example for this one because as it would seem, I never properly prepare myself for the possibility of love... Go figure that I'm writing a story about it now.)

As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.
— Robin S. Sharma, author and inspirational speaker

4. Alone time can be quite nice

You may be thinking, "Wait I thought this was about love affairs and travel and stuff, not being a loner," and you would be completely right! This is a collection of ways to mend and prevent the inevitable heartbreak that comes from a foreign love affair, but one way to do that altogether is to spend time alone while traveling. Instead of going to the beach with the five people you met at the hostel you're staying at, go on a solo excursion to a museum or take a solo hike. Alone time allows you to clear your mind and really think about all that is going on at that time.

Example: The year was 2014, the place Ireland, more specifically Dublin. I had left my home at the time, Manchester, and taken a solo trip across the sea to a green little rock called Ireland. At the time I was experiencing what many would call a "crush" with a girl I was studying with, and I knew I needed some time to myself to really think about the situation. And it helped; I was able to realize that even though this girl was cute beyond comparison, had a beautiful accent, and we both liked to drink... which is always a plus in my book. But the time away helped me to realize that starting a relationship with a girl who lived thousands of miles away from me, and for two months before I was leaving just didn't make a whole bunch of sense. I do still have the occasional "what if" feelings though.

5. When all else fails, stay!

I get it, you're on a trip with a timeline. It eventually has to come to an end, and you have to go back home, or to work, or school, but why? If you're with someone, someone you tuly care about, why couldn't you make it work? Find a new job, move, switch schools, if you really think it's the real deal, and not just a fling (believe me there have been many of those) why not try to make it work. At the end of the day at least you can say you took a shot and went for it, that's already more than a lot of other people can say!

Example: To preface this I will say this is not a happy example, it is a sad one, one where I should've followed this last rule, or at least tried.

I met a girl when I first began backpacking in Europe, in Manchester. Now to put this in perspective this was my first time in Manchester, and I had plans to see as much of Europe as I could. Yet on my first weekend in the city, at a bar, I meet a girl and things just click. We liked the same things, had the same sense of humor, pretty much were a perfect match, and we started spending time together. As things began to take off I realized that I had so much more traveling to do, and thought that starting something with a girl in the first city I reached was foolish, so I broke it off. I ran away to Spain for my next adventure, all the while she was still in my head, and it's been that way ever since. What if I had started it, what if I had stayed? What would things be like? Don't do this to yourself, take the shot, at least in the end you won't be left wishing you could of known what it may have been like.

So there you have it, five tips for love affairs while traveling. Do you agree with the list? Think anything needs to be added? These are only the beginning, there are so many more that could have been shared!

Carpe Diem Amigos!

Jake Allegro