5 Weird Essentials in My Bag!


Everyone has their own travel essentials. Whether it's a good luck charm, a specific book, a piece of clothing, a PAIR OF SHOES (see below) or just simply something you feel you couldn't go without. And some of these items can be weird... or even awkward at times; so why not confess them to the public? So here are five of my weirdest travel essentials:


1. A Sarong

What even is that? Well for those who don't know, a sarong is for lack of a better word, a dress or a wrap, but they not strictly for women (Example A: ME!). Typically seen on island nations like Indonesia or Sri Lanka, or on coastal countries like Thailand (where I purchased my hand-woven sarong), a sarong gives you the comfort and freedom you so desperately desire, with the chic, fashion-forward appearance you need.


And if you're saying "No way a dude should walk around wearing that!" Just look to some of those Old Spice commercials (you know the one with guy on the horse?) for a perfect example of male sarong's in action.

Oh, and it goes perfectly with my Ukulele too!


2. Hammock

Now this one may not be as much weird as it is essential, but for travelers who only stay on hotels or resorts, sleeping in a hammock may be a shock. I keep a pop-up hammock in my pack at all times because you never know when you may need one. You may end up in a city or town where all the hostels are booked and the only place you can afford is the "free park bench". Enter: pop-up hammock, and you've instantly got a comfortable and cozy place to sleep.

You never know when you'll need to supply your own bed!

You never know when you'll need to supply your own bed!

3. Gameboy

Endless Entertainment. Anywhere.

Endless Entertainment. Anywhere.

What?!? A Gameboy?? Those are so 2002. Well you'd be surprised how much use I can actually get out of one of those little portable gamers. And I'm not talking the newer ones where you've got hundreds of games and charging cables and accessories. I'm talking the original Gamboy Color, the one that requires 2 AA batteries, and will last for days on end. Without that little bad-boy I would have loads of boring bus and train rides with nothing to do but wait.

4. The Buff Wrap


A wrap that makes you look Buff? Not necessarily. The Buff is the ultimate lightweight piece of travel gear, and it comes with me everywhere I go.

Tailand: You'll need one to wick away your sweat!

Tailand: You'll need one to wick away your sweat!

It can be used as a scarf, a head wrap, a face protector, a cool wrist decoration, a towel, you name it, the Buff can do it. And with multiple varieties to choose from (whether you're in warm climates or cold) the Buff will come in handy no matter where you are. Just for example: I've ussed my buff in the tropics of Thailand, the cold of China in winter, and countless times in the US, ranging from heat i Florida to snow and icy temps in Boston.

5. Sharpies...Dozens of Sharpies

Bring Extras for when you (inevitably) lose them!

Bring Extras for when you (inevitably) lose them!

Sharpies? What? Why would any traveler need to carry around so many sharpie's? This one may be more specific to my individual travels more so than anything else, but whenever I travel and wherever I go, I always like to write down the names of the cities and towns I visit on the bag I take with me. Not only that, but any cool travelers I meet along the way are invited to write a message on,or sign the bag if they want. It's just a really cool, small way to document my travels and the new friends I've made along the way.


So what do you think? Would you take any of these items with you? Or do you have a few that you think are weirder?

Carpe Diem Amigos!

Jake Allegro