5 Reasons to Go to Toronto in the Winter

Toronto may not sound like the most appealing vacation spot for an early-January trip; it'scold, snowy, and the temperature never rose above 5° Celsius. So why even go, right? I got the chance to spend my New Years in the "The 6ix" (as they call it) and I could not have been happier! So why go right? Well, here are just a few of the many reasons:

1. Canadians really are some of the nicest people on the planet.


It's a stereotype, yes, "The uber-polite Canadian who doesn't get offended and has incredible manners," but it's actually kind of true. Canadians are welcoming, they're outgoing, and they don't care if you're from Canada, the US, China, Australia, or any other country for that matter. The'y're happy to engage in conversation over coffee, beer, or any other drink of choice, as long as you show them the same respect.

When I arrived in Toronto, I had no plans, no idea where to go or what to eat, and no friends or family to ask for that matter. I was alone, traveling in a country and city I had done no prior research on, and could not have been more excited to see what shenanigans I would get into.

2. They have some of the best "food" options available!


Whenever I arrive in a new country, I always do some research into what the local 'delicacies' are, and in Toronto's case those local favorites happen to be more liquids than solid food. That's right, I'm talking alcohol! Beer, whiskey, tequila, there's an entire district in Toronto that's simply called the distillery district, where the streets are lined with samples of beer and liquor to treat the alcoholic inside us all! I myself am a huge fan of anything with alcohol in it, so this was my paradise!

In terms of actual food though, if you're in Canada, you must must MUST try the Poutine! Fries covered in gravy, cheese curds, and so many other delicious toppings! So many calories but so worth it!

3. Sports, Sports, and more Sports!


Canada may not be famous for American Football, or beach volleyball, or big wave surfing, but the winter sports options are phenomenal. Go catch a Raptors game at the Air Canada Center, or a Toronto FC Match at BMO Park, the options are endless. But the sport that Canada is probably most famous for, and even has its own night in Canada, is Hockey. A bunch of dudes skating around on ice, passing a puck back and forth, all while avoiding being slammed into the walls of the rink; it's not a sport for the faint of heart to say the least.

Hockey is like religion in Canada; everyone goes to bars to watch the games, people get into fights in the streets over the outcome, they even have outdoor games in the middle of winter, in snowstorms and everything!

4. Toronto definitely has some amazing sights to see!


The Hockey Hall of Fame, CN Tower, Ripley's Aquarium, the possibilities are endless! Just walking around the streets you can see wander into a bar or shop and ask anyone what to do, and they'll give you a list. My go to is always the bar though; I arrive in a new city and simply walk to the closest bar, ask the bartender what to do, and BOOM I've got a list. That was exactly what I did in Toronto, and they did not disappoint. A list of a dozen or so places to see, eat, and wander around, and I did them all!

5. The Weather is everything!


I know some people don't enjoy the cold, and if that's the case then maybe avoid this part, but I am not one of those people. I love the cold, I love the snow, and I love walking around a city bundled up in jacket, scarf, gloves and a hat. Toronto was a perfect city to do just that, and it even snowed my third day there! Walking around the city in light flurries, looking around at all the lights, it was magical. And while some may choose to avoid snow and cold altogether, I chose to embrace and enjoy it!


So there you have it, go to Toronto in January, you won't regret it, well not unless your one of those people who claim that they're "allergic to the cold." If you want to see some amazing sights, watch some hockey, grab a local Canadian beer, and be surrounded by really amazing people though: Go to Toronto!

Jake Allegro