7 Travel Snappers to Follow in 2017!

Snapchat is quickly becoming one of the fastest and easiest ways to escape home and live abroad (even if for just a brief few seconds). Travel Snapchat accounts (or Travel Snappers as I like to call them) are quickly popping up all over the Snapiverse, so it’s only fitting that you know a few good ones to start with.

  1. The Broke Backpacker (Will Hatton)


The intrepid Broke Backpacker has been taking viewers on travel escapades for a while now, and with the dawn of the Snapchat era, his following increased exponentially. Whether it was his daring UK to PNG journey, or just his day-to-day cave and mountain explorations, Will is one of the first true backpacking travelers that I discovered through Snapchat.

The Getting Stamped Travel Blog team are another travel duo that spend their time all over the world, in search of adventure. Hannah primarily handles the Snap account, but nevertheless captures every important moment from each and every day. Whether they’re boarding a plane back to the US, relaxing on a beach in The Maldives, or trying out some tasty food in Thailand, you’ll be sure to enjoy this account every single day.

(Find them as gettingstamped on Snap!)


3. Drew Binsky


Drew is actually one of the more recent Travel Snappers I’ve discovered, but so far has been amazing to follow. No matter where he is or where he’s headed, he always captures it and tells the story on Snap. Right now he’s in Malaysia, and his Snaps of food couldn’t look more delicious!


Edna is a full-time traveler with some amazing stories to tell. She’s been all over the map and continues to astound snappers with pictures and videos of incredible and unique places to visit. Plus she’s always got great recommendations for a bite to eat or a nice drink or two!



Don’t let the fact that there’s no Snap photo fool you, they post all the time. While most of their posts are of Iceland, that only means that you’re in for countless beautiful landscape photos and cool Icelandic food and attractions. Asa posts quite frequently, and continues to amaze with each and every picture and Snap!

Just one of the many amazing landscape photos!

Just one of the many amazing landscape photos!


A relative newcomer to my travel snapper world, Cassy has quickly become one of my favorite snaps to follow. Whether its breathe-taking Caribbean views, or an interesting meal, she’s quickly leaving her mark on the travel Snapchat community.


That’s right! Of course I’m sticking myself in at the end of the list. From my treks through Thailand, to Europe, Puerto Rico, and even my Cross-Country USA Drive, I’ve snapped it all, and even made a few friends along the way. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my travels, it’s that no matter what language you speak, when someone pulls out a phone and says “Snapchat!” everyone understands.

Follow along on my epic journey to places both new and old all over the globe, and who knows you may just see a familiar face or two in a future post like this!

Carpe Diem Amigos and Bon Voyage Snappers!