Who Am I?


Barcelona, Spain


The journey begins...

I am a world nomad, I wander the Earth in search of adventure and experience. I look for every opportunity to meet new people, try new things, and experience new cultures; whether I'm abroad in some country somewhere or back home in the USA. I've eaten paella in Spain, crepes in France, drank Guinness and Jameson in Ireland, eaten horse in Iceland, and enough pizza and pasta in Italy to feed that very horse. From fresh live squid in Thailand (not calamari), to poutine and beer in Canada, from In-N-Out Burger in California to Breakfast tacos in Austin. I've climbed to the top of Parc Guell in Barcelona, searched for leprechauns in Ireland, survived a blizzard in Iceland in the dead of winter, crashed on beaches and slept in jungles in Thailand, danced in clubs and gotten into bar fights in Manchester, been homeless in Paris and even actively participated in the chaos that is New Years Eve in Florence. I've licked the Eiffel Tower, eaten Space Cake in Amsterdam, and once was even locked INTO a bar in Puerto Rico because of a shooting, throughout which we continued to drink! All this, and It's safe to say I'm nowhere near done traveling yet. It's a love affair, one that's extremely hard to kick. But no matter what I'm working on, where I'm living, or how much money I may or may not have, I'll always make time for travel.