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5 Underrated Cities to Visit on Your Euro-trip

Planning a trip soon to Europe? Maybe to Paris, London, or Rome? Here are a few places you should try to see along the way!

How I Started Traveling the World

It's the question everyone wants the answer to: how do you start a life of travel? Find my tips and tricks here!

7 Travel Snapchats to follow!

Are you on Snaphat? Like looking a stories of cool places, foods, and people? Maybe you just want to fulfill your daily dose of wanderlust? Follow these Snappers!


Where I've Been

Since 2014 I've been traveling the world in my spare time, to places all over, like Thailand, Spain, England, Iceland, etc. From that very first trip I became obsessed with the idea of traveling the world and telling stories, so that's exactly what I decided to do. Now you can follow me as I hop from one city to the next, writing about it all the way. If you're interested in seeing more of where I've been, and where I'll be heading, read on!


How It All Began

Learn how I started this crazy life of travel that allows me to go all over the world! I once was just like you, sitting behind a computer screen reading about others doing everything I wanted to, but instead of just sitting around, I went and did something about it! And if I can convince others to do so as well, then that's all the better because I can tell you firsthand, a life where you're doing what you love is a life well lived.


Music for the Road

I can't tell you how many times I've been on a plane, a train, a bus, or just walking down the foreign streets of a new city, and everyone (or almost everyone) around me had headphones on. We have all the entertainment we could need right at our fingertips, so here's a quick playlist of songs, perfect for the nomad on the road.

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Be Social.

The best way to get the word out there about my work, what I'm doing, and where I'm headed is through social media, so follow along and see what comes up! I love meeting new people, hearing and telling interesting stories, learning about new cultures, languages, and foods, so if you've got something to share, find me over on my social accounts.